Gatheree is the marketplace where the event community gathers and connects to create, sell and buy event-related products and services.

Our mission is to make event planning easy and fun for everybody, from sellers to planners, so everyone can celebrate anything in any way they want.

To event planners. We present amazing products and services, smart planning tools, easy payment methods and endless inspiration. That means less time spent planning, more time for celebrating!

To sellers. We offer an online selling platform with useful tools for business management, customer communication, targeted marketing and secure payments. That means less complicated business-y stuff and more celebrating wins with happy customers!

Join the Gatheree community.

We are passionate.

We are innovative.

We are pioneering.

Gatheree is committed to innovating event planning by making it easier for everyone. We are always on the lookout for fresh ideas, new technologies and creative partnerships to achieve this while keeping things interesting and exciting. Better be on your toes!

We are also pretty fun.

Gatheree is committed to injecting fun into event planning because that’s how it’s supposed to be.